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The Summer Heat and our Pets

    On this past Saturday after calling the Sheriff, I thought I would remind us of the summer heat and what is can and will do our pets. I have seen it first hand and it is not a easy thing to witness or our 4 footed kids, fur babies, extended family.
  I was driving down the street and I saw a black dog tied to a post in the center of a yard. The line was tangled and the dog could barely move 6-12 inches. There was no shade for the dog or water. The dog was panting very stressed. I could not go in their yard myself so I called the Sheriff as it was in the county to take care of the situation of the dog being overheated and if left it could possibly die of heatstroke.  We as pet lover's, guardian's of all pet's must not turn the other way. It is a matter of life and death for this animal in a situation like this. Don't turn your back on them, please. We all need to watch out for their safety.
I will not hesitate.

Below are some charts to understand what the sun and the summer heat can do. If you just moved here to Sierra Vista, Arizona from another part of the country or have lived here your whole life please examine the charts below:


June is just the start of our summer sun & heat, it will continue through about the end of October or less if we are lucky. As a pet sitter we go all over Sierra Vista, Hereford and Fort Huachuca, Arizona and we will report it if we witness any animal in distress.  It is not to call the cops on you the owner, it is to save the animals life.  I hope more people will do the same. 
  If you witness this please call the non-emergency Police phone number in your area:
Sierra Vista, AZ - Police - 520-458-3311
Hereford, AZ - Cochise County Sheriff - 520-432-9500
Fort Huachuca, AZ - Military Police- 520-533-3000
During normal business hours during the week call
Sierra Vista Animal Control - 520-458-4151
Huachuca City Animal Shelter -520-456-1337
and of course if you see a animal in severe distress and not responding call the Emergency - 911.

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