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Careful…….Beware of what is in food

After doing months of research, I have discovered that not only does human processed food have chemicals and loads of soy in them, but also our pets food.   I cannot believe that some of these foods are even allowed to be sold.   I have been buying a food for my Macaw and did not even think to look at the ingredients in it, because a Vet recommended it a long time ago.   Propylene glycol is one of the ingredients in the bird food.   Do you know what Propylene glycol is………..go to this link and take a look.   You may be as shocked as I was. Here is a highlight(but you should read the whole article):   Propylene glycol is a component in newer automotive antifreezes and de-icers used at airports. BUT yet is an approved food additive for dog food under the category of animal feed and is generally recognized as safe for dogs. Similarly, propylene glycol is an approved food additive for human food as well.       Well, this ingredient is in my

Avian Pet Sitting

Happy Pets cares for all types of pets, including Avian.   We have many years experience in taking care of birds.   I can’t imagine taking my Blue and Gold Macaw to a boarding facility.   The exposure to any bird disease’s are hard to treat or to even diagnose, never mind the cost.   If you would rather your feathered friend stay home while you are away for a business trip or vacation Happy Pets will gladly provide the loving individualized care, you give your bird or parrot yourself, in your own home in the environment your feathered friend is accustomed to.   There will be no upset or stress feathered friend to be worried about while you are away. We provide fresh food and water. Including the cutting up of fresh vegetables and fruits daily, refilling their foraging toys.   Cleaning of the papers in the cage or litter on the bottom.   Misting water daily or changing their bath water.   Birds such as a Cockatiel, Conure or Macaw need daily human interaction, they have feelings too.