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Thunder & Lightening

Some dogs panic and/or get frightened of Thunder & Lightening. Each dog reacts differently, some don’t notice at all. There are several things you can try to help your dog if they are shaking, hiding and just hate Thunder & Lightening. 1.     If you have a dog that is reacting to Thunder & Lightening, please do not leave them outside. Bring them inside the home and put them in a crate, garage, even a spare bathroom.   I knew of one dog that had to get in the home during a Thunderstorm, it was so frightened it came in the home through the plate glass window.   Put a cover on the crate (an old blanket will do) so they feel secure in their “den”.   Prior to just putting the dog in a crate, the dog(s) should be crate trained, otherwise it will just make the issue worse. 2.       Talk to your Veterinarian about the situation, there is a medications   that can calm the dog during the storm but it takes time to work once you give the tablet.   Not always convenient. 3.     Also y