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New Staff Changes

  Recently Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service has had some changes with their staff.  I would like to inform our clients that Sherry Nichols is not affiliated with Happy Pets any longer.    Robert (Bob) Walton is Happy Pet’s newest addition and is a great asset to us.  Bob has experience with dogs, cats, birds, exotic birds, chicken, rabbits and even horses.  Bob is currently training his Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Roux, for Hunting Tests with UKC and AKC towards his Champion Title.  Bob would like to take Roux clear to his Grand Championship Title and they are working great as a team together.   Bob is my husband and is a big guy but you should see our Pomeranian and Chihuahua, how they love to sit his lap while watching TV.  We also have several big dogs that like to share his recliner chair with him too.    With Bob as a staff member for Happy Pets we will be able to take care of all our clients Pets in Sierra Vista and Ft. Huachuca.  Don’t forget to tell us you are Military, Happy