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Busy Christmas Time

Baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating……sometimes you are so busy that things get left out for your dog or cat to get into.   A new puppy or kitten added to the household will get into things.   Please, if you are not at home to watch your pets activity please remember to put items away so they cannot get into them or crate train your new family member.   Your puppy can get some crate training while you are wrapping gifts or baking.   Yes, they may make some noise but it pays off in the long run and you are right there to make sure they are just fine.   Just remember to let them out of the crate while they are quiet, not when they are whining or barking to be let out. Praise them as you let them out. Tinsel is very bad to put on your Christmas tree if you have a kitten.   They will eat it, costly surgery intervention may be required to remove it from the kittens intestine.   Dogs and puppies get into everything when left alone, even wrapped presents. If you have a Live Christmas Tree,

Fall Is In The Air!!!

Fall Is In The Air   Happy Pet clients, the nights are cooler and even a little chilly.   This is the time to check your schedules for your fall and winter holidays.   We are already getting calls to reserve Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service over the Holidays.   As you know our schedule at Thanksgiving and Christmas time are pretty busy.   If you have a vacation or trip planned for those times, please call us and schedule them with us so we can make sure your pet(s) care and Homes will be taken care of and put on our schedule.   Do you realize it is only 8-1/2 weeks before Thanksgiving!   Wow, this year has gone by fast.            

Thunder & Lightening

Some dogs panic and/or get frightened of Thunder & Lightening. Each dog reacts differently, some don’t notice at all. There are several things you can try to help your dog if they are shaking, hiding and just hate Thunder & Lightening. 1.     If you have a dog that is reacting to Thunder & Lightening, please do not leave them outside. Bring them inside the home and put them in a crate, garage, even a spare bathroom.   I knew of one dog that had to get in the home during a Thunderstorm, it was so frightened it came in the home through the plate glass window.   Put a cover on the crate (an old blanket will do) so they feel secure in their “den”.   Prior to just putting the dog in a crate, the dog(s) should be crate trained, otherwise it will just make the issue worse. 2.       Talk to your Veterinarian about the situation, there is a medications   that can calm the dog during the storm but it takes time to work once you give the tablet.   Not always convenient. 3.     Also y

Peace of Mind With Daily Texting To Clients

  I discovered a wonderful way to communicate with our Happy Pets clients.   I have been leaving a written daily journal of each visit, so when Happy Pets client returns home they have something to read to see how Pet Sitting their babies went.     I acquired a new Smartphone and sent texts and photos to our clients while they were away instead of the daily journal.   After I received permission to send photos to their cell phones, I could reassure our clients at each visit with not only texts but with photos during each visit.   Instead of the client wondering and worrying (if you’re like me) during their whole time away from their pets, they knew how things were each day at each visit.     I, as a client would find it very comforting to know that the pet sitter was at my house explaining that they are fed and have been taking care of and they are fine.   If there was an issue we could address it right away. An example was that I sent pictures to a client to show them what their 3

National Pet Week

 National Pet Week National Pet Week is widely celebrated throughout the United States and other parts of the world. In 2011, National Pet Week is celebrated from May 1-7. The goals of National Pet Week are to promote responsible pet ownership, celebrate the human-animal bond, and promote public awareness of veterinary medicine.

It is Rattlesnake Season

It's rattlesnake season! Get your dogs snake avoidance trained! It may save their life!

Love Your Pet Fair on Ft. Huachuca

Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service will have a booth at the Love Your Pet Fair, come visit us.   The Pet Fair has been cancelled as of April 21st.  Cathy  Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service 520-227-3034

The Temperatures are Rising Already!!!

   A Reminder from your Pet Sitter.  Cars can reach temperatures so high in 10 minutes that your pet(s) can die of heat exhaustion, while left in the car while you run to do an errand.  Please don't leave them in the car alone in hot temperatures, if you plan on leaving your car for an errand, leave your pet safely at home.  No matter how sad of a look your pet gives you when you do leave them.  They will be happy and alive when you arrive back home.  Heat exhaustion kills and kills fast

New Staff Changes

  Recently Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service has had some changes with their staff.  I would like to inform our clients that Sherry Nichols is not affiliated with Happy Pets any longer.    Robert (Bob) Walton is Happy Pet’s newest addition and is a great asset to us.  Bob has experience with dogs, cats, birds, exotic birds, chicken, rabbits and even horses.  Bob is currently training his Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Roux, for Hunting Tests with UKC and AKC towards his Champion Title.  Bob would like to take Roux clear to his Grand Championship Title and they are working great as a team together.   Bob is my husband and is a big guy but you should see our Pomeranian and Chihuahua, how they love to sit his lap while watching TV.  We also have several big dogs that like to share his recliner chair with him too.    With Bob as a staff member for Happy Pets we will be able to take care of all our clients Pets in Sierra Vista and Ft. Huachuca.  Don’t forget to tell us you are Military, Happy