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Peace of Mind With Daily Texting To Clients

 I discovered a wonderful way to communicate with our Happy Pets clients.  I have been leaving a written daily journal of each visit, so when Happy Pets client returns home they have something to read to see how Pet Sitting their babies went. 

  I acquired a new Smartphone and sent texts and photos to our clients while they were away instead of the daily journal.  After I received permission to send photos to their cell phones, I could reassure our clients at each visit with not only texts but with photos during each visit.  Instead of the client wondering and worrying (if you’re like me) during their whole time away from their pets, they knew how things were each day at each visit. 

  I, as a client would find it very comforting to know that the pet sitter was at my house explaining that they are fed and have been taking care of and they are fine.  If there was an issue we could address it right away. An example was that I sent pictures to a client to show them what their 3 cats have done to their home and that they can see what I was seeing.  Every day they have been into something different in the house.  One day they got into a box of packing popcorn (the Styrofoam kind that look like little “s”) and the packing popcorn was from one end of the home to the other.  The 3 young cats got into everything. CD’s and DVD’s were off the shelf, they had somehow got the buns and bread off  the top of the fridge and got into each package and ate on them., knocked over the trash can, which was empty thankfully and even a lamp was on its side.  It was like a tornado came through.  I did send photos of the disaster to the client and asked “Are you sure these are cats and not dogs?”  I could not help but laugh.  I guess when mom and dad are away the cats will play.   I of course cleaned it up and put what the cats may get into again in a room with the door closed.  I forewarned the client that they may come home to something like this, because it has been something different the cats get into with each visit.  They laughed and said “Duly noted”. 

  The clients that I did send texts and photos to as a trial test with my new Smartphone was such a success that I will continue to do so.  If the client has the capability and agree that they would like us to text them, then we will.  Of course, we still offer the written Daily Journal to our clients as well if texts or emails are not possible.

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BEWARE!!! "PRIVACY" This one word has a very big meaning. A little information about a Pet Sitter Posting photos of your pets on public Blogs, Facebook etc.

Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service maintains discretion of our pet sitting service at your home.  We make sure we do everything possible that you being away from your home is NOT noticed.  Our service includes bringing in the mail, newspaper and even the trash and recycling can, which is included in our services.  We want to keep our clients home safe  and the lowest possibility of being burglarized. A note to our clients  "Absolutely DO NOT put on your phone message that you are out of town."  We cannot stress that enough. We do not answer your phone while you are away it is a sure give away. Signs - There is great risk having signs on our vehicles when we are at your home, that is why we do not have them on our vehicles.  It is a green light for anyone seeking out a home to burglarize, the signs are a sure give away to that person(s) driving by or living near by, that you are away from your home. Photos - Posting photos on a Blog and Facebook or even Twitter can be