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It is Rattlesnake Season

It's rattlesnake season! Get your dogs snake avoidance trained! It may save their life!

Love Your Pet Fair on Ft. Huachuca

Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service will have a booth at the Love Your Pet Fair, come visit us.   The Pet Fair has been cancelled as of April 21st.  Cathy  Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service 520-227-3034

The Temperatures are Rising Already!!!

   A Reminder from your Pet Sitter.  Cars can reach temperatures so high in 10 minutes that your pet(s) can die of heat exhaustion, while left in the car while you run to do an errand.  Please don't leave them in the car alone in hot temperatures, if you plan on leaving your car for an errand, leave your pet safely at home.  No matter how sad of a look your pet gives you when you do leave them.  They will be happy and alive when you arrive back home.  Heat exhaustion kills and kills fast