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Bob Walton

Bob has many years experience with care of all kinds of animals but specializes in training puppies and dogs with Basic Obedience and Retrieving.  He and his dog Roux, a chocolate Labrador Retriever are working on get Roux's Master Hunter Title. He has regular clients that request him for his expertise in training.  Bob provides individual training sessions for his clients. He works on different behavioral issues with each individual dog and their owner.

Here is a picture of Bob and Roux receiving Roux's AKC Senior Hunter Title. (May 2011). In 2014, Bob and Roux received their Championship title for Hunter Retriever. :)

Bob, also provides a Taxi Service.  If your pet(s) need to go to the vet, Doggie Daycare, or to the groomer he is available to provide the service in secured kennels.

If you have a question for Bob, don't hesitate to call him

Here is pictures of two of Bob's littlest Chihuahua's he is taking care of:

Meet Walter and Ethel :) They are adorable.
Bob does daily walks, potty breaks and dog training sessions for our clients.   

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2. Know their Limits:  Just like people it depends on their age, health condition.  When the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit our pets feel the cold like we do. It does not mater if it a Dog, Cat or horse, if they are up in age and arthritic they need assistance to keep warm and pain free.

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