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Busy Christmas Time

Baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating……sometimes you are so busy that things get left out for your dog or cat to get into.   A new puppy or kitten added to the household will get into things.   Please, if you are not at home to watch your pets activity please remember to put items away so they cannot get into them or crate train your new family member.   Your puppy can get some crate training while you are wrapping gifts or baking.   Yes, they may make some noise but it pays off in the long run and you are right there to make sure they are just fine.   Just remember to let them out of the crate while they are quiet, not when they are whining or barking to be let out. Praise them as you let them out. Tinsel is very bad to put on your Christmas tree if you have a kitten.   They will eat it, costly surgery intervention may be required to remove it from the kittens intestine.   Dogs and puppies get into everything when left alone, even wrapped presents. If you have a Live Christmas Tree,