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Busy Christmas Time

Baking, shopping, wrapping, decorating……sometimes you are so busy that things get left out for your dog or cat to get into.  A new puppy or kitten added to the household will get into things.  Please, if you are not at home to watch your pets activity please remember to put items away so they cannot get into them or crate train your new family member.  Your puppy can get some crate training while you are wrapping gifts or baking.  Yes, they may make some noise but it pays off in the long run and you are right there to make sure they are just fine.  Just remember to let them out of the crate while they are quiet, not when they are whining or barking to be let out. Praise them as you let them out.

Tinsel is very bad to put on your Christmas tree if you have a kitten.  They will eat it, costly surgery intervention may be required to remove it from the kittens intestine.  Dogs and puppies get into everything when left alone, even wrapped presents. If you have a Live Christmas Tree, to make the tree last longer some put additives to the water, this can be toxic and even deadly to your pets.

Here is a link to help you Cat Proof your tree:

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Rats as Pets

Yes, I said Rats. They make awesome pets and are clean.Most Rats do not bite, compared to a hamster or gerbil, in the past I have had pet rats and mostly just one rat at a time. I used to keep the rat in a 10 Gal aquarium which I find out is wrong. The rat would just lie in the Aquarium all day and looked depressed. Times have changed for the better for the rat. I started reading and doing research. Rats are sociable. Always have at least two Rats together, same sex of course or you will have many more unless they are neutered. Rats like to run and play with each other and their toys. Homemade toys are the best and are cheap.

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  To help your pets adjust and to be protected from the change of weather I thought listing tips to help out pets adjust to the cooler temperatures may help.

1. Winter Check up: a Veterinarian wellness exam for our older pets to make sure they are healthy and ready for another winter.  Arthritis and age plays a key part in keeping our pets healthy.

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The holidays are upon us, where did the year go?

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving has already been here and gone.  Christmas is right around the corner. We are filling up our calendar already for Christmas and New Year's.  Make sure and contact us so we can include you and your pet's on the schedule. This has been a wonderful year and we want to thank each and everyone one of our client's old and new for using our Professional Pet Sitting Service's this year. Thank You! :) 
   Looking forward to watching your babies again.We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 

                                               Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service (Cathy & Bob)