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Is your canine scared of Thunder and Lightning?

The Thunder and Lightning season is among us (Monsoon), in Arizona.



  I have 2 dogs personally that has an issue every year with this season.  Dogs know hours ahead of us humans that the storms are coming. They feel the vibration via the ground and smell the air etc. Some dogs are super sensitive.  If your like most owners you stress about it, as your not sure how your dog will react.  Over the years I have tried almost everything to help relieve some of my dogs fears. 

  **Please note ** take your dog to your Veterinarian first. Talk to the Doctor about what advice for a fearful/scared dog of lightning and thunder. The information I provide is not to replace your Veterinarian's professional advice or prescription medication. I am here to only assist. I will not be held liable for your pets reactions to thunder and lightning. 

Dogs have many reactions to Thunder and Lightning. Some no reaction at all.  I would like to just make a list of some products and things you can do to help your canine.

  What you can do yourself to help your fearful canine:

1. Bring your dog inside, keep safe with you in a room or in a crate. Never leave the fearful/scared dog outside.  It may escape, run away, try to break into your home or even worse go through your glass window. Yes, dog's are running scared and will do that and injure themselves requiring  a Vet office call or worse.

2. Play music, TV so that it may help drown out some of the Thunder. There are CD's available just for this. YouTube has free music videos for this as well.

3. Make your dogs crate a den, with a dog bed inside, possible cover it, as long as the dog cannot pull the fabric inside and get tangled in it etc.

4. Turn on a fan for white noise and place in the room the dog is in.

5. Close the Curtains, blinds etc, especially at night so they do not react to the lightning blinding flashes.

6. Diffuse some essential oils, for helping to stay calm.  YL essential oil, Peace and calming works very well but there are many others to choose from.

7.  Inform your pet sitter with specific instructions on what to do during a storm if you will be out of town.

Below are some products to help with this fearful issue.
 I have found that help is the Adaptil Diffuser and Collar for on the go.
 The Thundershirt helps as well.
 The best product I have ever purchased is a Zencrate.

The ZenCrate is pricey but worth every penny.  The dog goes inside to be off the ground and not feel ground vibrations. The crate automatically detects the weight of the dog as he/she steps inside the crate turning on a fan and calming music.  The ZenCrate was not used at first but then after awhile several dogs starting using it and they wait out the storm in the crate.

 Available are some natural herbs, treats and pills. I cannot recommend them as they may have adverse reactions if used with your Veterinarians prescription medication prescribe to your dog.  It is 100 % advisable to talk with your Veterinarian first for this or any over the counter medication, herbs etc.

  I wish all to have a calm and peaceful Monsoon.

If you are looking for additional information feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

Cathy Hatim
Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service

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