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Cathy Hatim

In 2003, I had some life changing events happen and I had more time on my hands than I ever had and decided to start Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service to keep myself busy.  With my love of animals, owning and caring for all sorts of animals from a pet rat, guinea pigs, rabbits, turtles, Fish (fresh and Salt water), birds (chickens, cockatiels, lovebirds, ducks and including a Macaw and Bare eyed Cockatoo,

an assortment of dogs, cats, pot bellied pigs and a horse, I was the one to always stay home and watch them while the family went on vacation.  I showed Rough Collies for 13 years and during that time I was a member of the Sierra Vista Kennel Club.  I became a certified Dog Trainer through Arizona Canine Academy with Rocky Boatman. I rescued dogs that were throwaways, dogs with special needs, deaf, arthritic, genetic issues from breeding etc.  I did place some but some were so abused that I just kept them so that no more harm would come to them like the Sheltie I adopted from the shelter, they had him a month and they were going to euthanized him.  The story behind him is that animal control had to use a tranquilizer gun to capture him, which shows how skittish he was, eating out of peoples trash cans to survive.  Soon after bringing him home I discovered he was deaf, which is a genetic trait in Blue Merles. One day I heard this noise and realized he was barking, it turned out he was de-barked also. He was very shy, but started to blossom in my care with the love and daily meals he received.  He learned hand signals from me and became part of the family and I kept him till he passed away of old age.  There were other dogs I have owned that were throwaways, over my 41 years of living in Sierra Vista.   
  11 of those 41 years in Sierra Vista I worked as a Receptionist/Veterinarian Technician, I realized that some of the dogs and cats were not happy while boarded at the vet clinic.  Some would not eat for days, some would do just fine, and some handled it with nervous diarrhea, so I thought it would be great if the pets could stay home while the family went on vacations or away on a business trip.  This way the pets would be happy staying home in their own environment and same diet, schedule, etc.  This is how Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service got started.  Your pets are able to build a relationship with us at Happy Pets and tend to think of us as extended family that they see once in awhile.

Looking forward to meeting and caring for your Pet(s) and home,

Cathy Hatim, Owner


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Rats as Pets

  Yes, I said Rats. They make awesome pets and are clean.   Most Rats do not bite, compared to a hamster or gerbil, in the past I have had pet rats and mostly just one rat at a time. I used to keep the rat in a 10 Gal aquarium which I find out is wrong. The rat would just lie in the Aquarium all day and looked depressed. Times have changed for the better for the rat. I started reading and doing research. Rats are sociable. Always have at least two Rats together, same sex of course or you will have many more unless they are neutered. Rats like to run and play with each other and their toys. Homemade toys are the best and are cheap.   Housing:   First let me talk about housing for the Rats. Please don’t keep them in an aquarium. The air does not circulate in them to well and the ammonia builds up quickly from their urine and will cause the rats to have upper respiratory infections. Rats are clean; they clean themselves daily like a cat. They also can be litter box trained.

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  Fall has arrived with the arrival from the storm from the Hurricane that came up as a tropical storm from Baja Mexico.  The cold windy, rain weather is sticking around.  Looks like we are even in for more rain.  This cooler weather is fully welcome after the unusually hot summer we had in the area.   To help your pets adjust and to be protected from the change of weather I thought listing tips to help out pets adjust to the cooler temperatures may help. 1. Winter Check up: a Veterinarian wellness exam for our older pets to make sure they are healthy and ready for another winter.  Arthritis and age plays a key part in keeping our pets healthy. 2. Know their Limits:  Just like people it depends on their age, health condition.  When the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit our pets feel the cold like we do. It does not mater if it a Dog, Cat or horse, if they are up in age and arthritic they need assistance to keep warm and pain free. 3. Offer several Choices :  At nig

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It has been awhile since I have posted anything.  There has been a reason why.  We have gone through some great sadness and loss lately. My favorite Best girl, Peepot was diagnosed with Lympho Sarcoma, which is cancer in the Lymph nodes. The Doctor said she may last 2 months. She was able to last 3 months. After ending her suffering we took out Champion Retriever to the Doctor as he was lame on his front right leg for no reason for a couple days. Roux underwent many tests, blood work, several x-rays etc. We sent out blood work test for Valley Fever as that can cause lameness and bone tumors. He had a big very hard swelling on his right front leg's knuckle/knee area that came up suddenly, almost overnight.  The Doctor suspected Bone Cancer, yes, Osteosarcoma, the worst thing that could happen to our fast running always on the go, born to retrieve Champion that loves his work and won't stop Chocolate Labrador.  This photo shows the size of the hard growth on Roux's ri