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Thunder & Lightening

Some dogs panic and/or get frightened of Thunder & Lightening. Each dog reacts differently, some don’t notice at all. There are several things you can try to help your dog if they are shaking, hiding and just hate Thunder & Lightening.

1.    If you have a dog that is reacting to Thunder & Lightening, please do not leave them outside. Bring them inside the home and put them in a crate, garage, even a spare bathroom.  I knew of one dog that had to get in the home during a Thunderstorm, it was so frightened it came in the home through the plate glass window.  Put a cover on the crate (an old blanket will do) so they feel secure in their “den”.  Prior to just putting the dog in a crate, the dog(s) should be crate trained, otherwise it will just make the issue worse.
2.     Talk to your Veterinarian about the situation, there is a medications  that can calm the dog during the storm but it takes time to work once you give the tablet.  Not always convenient.
3.    Also you can research for Homeopathic medications over the counter.
4.     NEW on the market is a vest you can try to help make your dog feel secure. It is called a Thundershirt, there are also known as anti-anxiety wraps they are is an excellent treatment for most types of dog anxiety and fear issues. They create a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect.  Whether for thunder, fireworks, or any other sound, Thundershirt can help your dog’s noise anxiety. If you are aware of a noise trigger coming (e.g. thunderstorm on its way), put your Thundershirt on your dog prior to your dog becoming anxious. It is also fine to put Thundershirt on AFTER your dog has become anxious; you will still see good results.
5.    Make it a point to inform your Pet Sitter of the issue prior to your travel, so that precautions can be made and your dog(s) will stay safe.
Please do not ignore that your dog that seems to be afraid of Thunder & Lightening until it is too late.  Dog(s) can and will jump fences and take off running to get away from what is frightening them, sending them right into a worse situation or deadly like traffic.  Crate training a dog can be a lifesaver on many different occasions such as evacuation of the home and traveling with your dog.
The Humane Society of The United States has a website for helping you with Crate Training and Behavior Problems.

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