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Avian Pet Sitting

Happy Pets cares for all types of pets, including Avian.  We have many years experience in taking care of birds.  I can’t imagine taking my Blue and Gold Macaw to a boarding facility.  The exposure to any bird disease’s are hard to treat or to even diagnose, never mind the cost.  If you would rather your feathered friend stay home while you are away for a business trip or vacation Happy Pets will gladly provide the loving individualized care, you give your bird or parrot yourself, in your own home in the environment your feathered friend is accustomed to.  There will be no upset or stress feathered friend to be worried about while you are away.

We provide fresh food and water. Including the cutting up of fresh vegetables and fruits daily, refilling their foraging toys.  Cleaning of the papers in the cage or litter on the bottom.  Misting water daily or changing their bath water.  Birds such as a Cockatiel, Conure or Macaw need daily human interaction, they have feelings too.  They get lonely just as any other pet does.  They may not want a new human to touch them or play with them but we will talk to your feathered friend to give them company.    

While we take care of your feather friend, included is the care of your home to make it looked lived in.  Bring in the mail and newspaper daily, alternate lights, close and open the blinds/curtains. Take the trash receptacle to the curb for pick-up, water house plants.  

Happy Pets likes to leave on a television or radio to also keep your feathered friend company. 

If you have any questions or concerns or a special request, call Cathy at 520-227-3034.  We cater and care for your pets as we do our own.

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I cannot believe that Thanksgiving has already been here and gone.  Christmas is right around the corner. We are filling up our calendar already for Christmas and New Year's.  Make sure and contact us so we can include you and your pet's on the schedule. This has been a wonderful year and we want to thank each and everyone one of our client's old and new for using our Professional Pet Sitting Service's this year. Thank You! :) 
   Looking forward to watching your babies again.We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 

                                               Happy Pets Pet Sitting Service (Cathy & Bob)